Black Seed Rose Oil & Vitamin A Ultra Facial Moisturizer - 1 oz

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Experience luxurious hydration with our Black Seed Rose Oil & Vitamin A Ultra Facial Moisturizer. This 1 oz bottle combines the power of Black Seed, Rose Oil, and Vitamin A to deliver intense nourishment for a radiant complexion. Here's why our Ultra Facial Moisturizer is a skincare essential:

  1. Black Seed Elegance: Infused with the potential benefits of Black Seed, known for its natural properties to support skin health.

  2. Rose Oil Radiance: Rose Oil adds a touch of elegance and radiance, leaving your skin with a subtle and delightful fragrance.

  3. Vitamin A Boost: Enriched with Vitamin A, this moisturizer supports skin renewal and helps maintain a youthful appearance.

  4. Intense Hydration: The ultra-lightweight formula provides intense hydration without feeling heavy on the skin.

  5. 1 oz Size - Perfect for On-the-Go: The compact 1 oz size is ideal for on-the-go use, ensuring your skin stays moisturized wherever you are.

Elevate your skincare routine with Salam Nutrition's Black Seed Rose Oil & Vitamin A Ultra Facial Moisturizer. Let the natural synergy of Black Seed, Rose Oil, and Vitamin A work harmoniously to nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin for a luminous and healthy-looking complexion.



infusion of organic herbs; golden seal, licorice root, mullien leaf, marshmallow root, red clover blossom, green tea, sunflower oil, grape seed oil, black seed oil, joboba oil, honeysuckle extract, rose oil, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), tocopherol (natural vitamin E)


Pump out a small amount and apply to face in circular motion. Can be used for day or night.


Customer Reviews

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Loe the rose scent!

Black Seed Rose Oil

I've been using this product for several years and love it's protective qualities! It Smells great too!

Joyce R Rogers

A very little goes a long way! This goes on smooth, makes the face shiny but not oily! I will be purchasing more. I l9ve the feel.

Jeanette L. Hablullah
Customer review

Love this for my personal use and recommend for others. It’s light and very effective for mature skin like mine.

Tessneem Yahya
Awesome!! :D

I LOVE the smell!! & its not greasy at all!! perfect moisturizer.. I have sensitive skin and this does not aggravate my skin at all! Thank you for making your products with natural quality ingredients!! I really appreciate it.