Pure Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil - 16 oz Glass

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Indulge in the light and versatile goodness of Salam Nutrition's Pure Cold-Pressed Grape Seed Oil, thoughtfully packaged in a 16 oz glass bottle. Here's why our Grapeseed Oil is a premium addition to your culinary and self-care routine:

  1. Trans-Fat and Preservative-Free: Enjoy the purity of our Grapeseed Oil, free from trans-fatty acids and preservatives. This commitment to quality ensures you experience the natural goodness of this versatile oil without unnecessary additives.

  2. Cholesterol-Free with Phytosterols: Grapeseed oil is naturally cholesterol-free and contains 24 mg of Phytosterols, adding to its nutritional profile. This heart-healthy oil may supports your well-being without compromising on flavor.

  3. High Vitamin E Content: Boasting a high level of Vitamin E, our Grapeseed Oil is exceptionally stable under high temperatures. It can be heated to 485 degrees with no smoking or burnt taste, making it a versatile and reliable choice for cooking.

  4. Enhances Food Flavor: Elevate the flavor of your dishes with Grapeseed Oil. Its light and neutral taste enhance the natural essence of any food, making it an excellent choice for salads, dressings, and various culinary applications.

  5. Pure Moisturizer and Massage Oil: Beyond the kitchen, our Grapeseed Oil doubles as a pure moisturizer and massage oil. Rich in Vitamin E, it nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Savor the versatility of Pure Cold-Pressed Grape Seed Oil in a 16 oz glass bottle, and experience the premium quality that enhances both your culinary creations and self-care routine.



Pure cold pressed Grapeseed Oil.


For adults, take one (1) teaspoonful (5ml) twice daily, preferably with a meal. Can be used in oatmeal, mixed with yogurt, cottage cheese, salad dressings, blended beverages & protein drinks. As a reminder. Discuss the supplements and medications you take with your health care providers. FREE OF: Yeast, wheat, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, sugar, preservatives, soy, artificial flavor.



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