Black Seed Turmeric Ginger Honey - 16 oz

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Experience the fusion of wellness with our Black Seed Turmeric Ginger Honey, presented in a generous 16 oz jar. This harmonious blend brings together the potent benefits of black seed, turmeric, and ginger, all enveloped in the sweet embrace of natural honey.

Key Features:

  1. Black Seed Goodness: Harness the power of black seed, known for its potential to support overall health and well-being, including immune function and natural energy.

  2. Turmeric Infusion: Enjoy the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of turmeric, a golden spice revered for its potential health benefits.

  3. RAW Ginger Kick: Experience the zing of ginger, adding not just flavor but also potential digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits to the blend.

  4. Natural Honey Sweetness: Delight in the natural sweetness of honey, providing a delicious and healthful base for this unique fusion.

  5. Versatile Usage: Use this Black Seed Turmeric Ginger Honey as a flavorful addition to teas, smoothies, or as a sweetener in various culinary creations.

  6. 16 oz Jar - Abundant Supply: The 16 oz jar ensures you have an abundant supply of this wellness-infused honey to incorporate into your daily rituals.

Elevate your wellness journey with Salam Nutrition's Black Seed Turmeric Ginger Honey. Embrace the synergy of these natural ingredients in a delightful honey blend, designed to add both flavor and potential health benefits to your daily routine.



Buckwheat Honey, Turmeric Powder, Ginger Powder, Black Seed Powder, Black Seed Oil


Take one teaspoon to one tablespoon daily. You may also add 2 teaspoons to hot water for a healthy, naturally sweet, herbal tea.

**DISCLAIMER** Thickening, separation, or may crystallization occur. Simply immerse whole jar in pan of boiled water for 10 minutes to restore consistency. Stir and enjoy! This product is manufactured in a facility that also manufactures PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, MILK, EGG, AND WHEAT PRODUCTS.


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