100% Fluoride Free Miswak Advance Whitening Formula Toothpaste - 7.5 oz

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Experience the perfect oral hygiene with our Five In One Miswak Toothpaste, a meticulous blend designed to foster strong, sparkling, and healthy teeth. This toothpaste features a combination of powerful natural ingredients, each contributing to your overall oral well-being.

Miswak: The antibacterial properties of Miswak work actively to reduce tartar and plaque, providing a comprehensive solution for cleaner and healthier teeth. By incorporating Miswak into your oral care routine, you embrace a time-tested natural remedy.

Moringa Plant: Rich in nutrients, the Moringa Plant supports overall oral health. Its inclusion in the toothpaste contributes to the well-being of your gums, ensuring they remain strong and healthy. Embrace the nourishing benefits of Moringa for a radiant smile.

Cinnamon: Beyond its delightful flavor, cinnamon plays a crucial role in oral care. By fighting gum inflammation and reducing bacteria, cinnamon contributes to a healthier gum environment. Enjoy the aromatic essence of cinnamon for a refreshing brushing experience.

Olive: The antibacterial properties of olive extract are harnessed to maintain oral hygiene by effectively killing germs and bacteria. Olive's natural goodness ensures that your oral care routine goes beyond cleaning, offering protection against harmful microorganisms.

Honey: Adding a touch of sweetness, honey enhances the taste of the toothpaste while actively contributing to oral health. Honey aids in controlling bad breath, fighting cavities, and strengthening enamel. Embrace the natural sweetness of honey for a holistic oral care experience.


  • Reduces Tartar and Plaque: The active presence of Miswak helps reduce tartar and plaque, promoting a cleaner and healthier oral environment.

  • Fights Gum Inflammation: Cinnamon's antibacterial properties contribute to combating gum inflammation, ensuring the health of your gums.

  • Controls Bad Breath: The inclusion of honey not only sweetens the toothpaste but also actively works to control bad breath for lasting freshness.

  • Combats Cavities and Strengthens Enamel: Honey's natural properties aid in fighting cavities and strengthening enamel, promoting a robust defense against oral issues.

  • Maintains Strong and Healthy Teeth: The combined benefits of Miswak, Moringa Plant, Cinnamon, Olive, and Honey work synergistically to maintain strong and healthy teeth for a radiant smile.

How to Use: Apply a pea-sized amount on your toothbrush and brush your teeth thoroughly, focusing on all surfaces. For optimal results, use at least twice daily as part of your regular oral care routine.

Elevate your oral care with the natural goodness of Five In One Miswak Toothpaste, ensuring a radiant smile and lasting freshness.



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Danita Parker
Miswak Toothpaste

This is my first time trying this type of toothpaste. I have read about the benefits of it and look forward to using this product.